Thank you for reaching out to VWC! We value you. Our staff is working hard to provide you with services within the current CDC recommendations and in accordance with government mandates due to COVID-19. We will respond to your call or online request as quickly as possible. Please make an appointment request online or call us at 540-552-5556.

"They treated me very kindly
and were concerned
about my well-being.
It just felt like a safe

“This facility is a wonderful, safe environment where women can go to get necessary and incredibly important health issues addressed and cared for.”
“The staff was very understanding and made me feel comfortable. When the nurse spoke to me, it felt as though she could understand my feelings without judgment.”
“I felt like more than just their 11 o’clock appointment, I felt like a person there.”
“Amazing people, kind and sincere. The people are great and make this experience relaxing and very welcoming. So glad to have this service in Blacksburg!”
“They treated me very kindly and were concerned about my wellbeing. It just felt like a safe environment.”
“The staff was great. Very helpful and reassuring. Coming here really made a difference.”
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